As I write my eyes sting with the effort of staying wide, my head feels a little fuzzy; like many of us here in the UK, I found myself staying up a too late last night. I watched the television coverage, entranced by swing-o-meter diagrams and the impressive statistic filled software programmes which responded to a delicate touch upon the giant screen. Election night. When common sense took over and I laid my head upon the pillow it seemed all too soon that I was waking up with bird song in my ears and sunlight piercing through a gap in the curtains. Instead of sensibly going back to sleep The Technical Advisor could not resist reaching out for his Blackberry and it wasn't very long before we gave in and put the radio on, eager for news of losses and gains, unsurprised by the results coming in but still in wonder at some of the surprises thrown up.

On to more soothing things. It seems a long time since I started this small blanket, indeed, if truth be told, it is a very long time ago.

In the beginning I crocheted obsessively, around and around I went, circle after circle. It took a while to master, my crochet skills are all self taught from books and a few rather wonderful U-tube videos.But before very long the little piles grew and I got to the exciting stage of laying them out and evening up the numbers, deciding that I probably had enough circles. I gazed at them spread across the floor and felt pleased, I imagined them all joined together and laid across a little lap on a cool evening.I gathered up a little pile and set to blocking them neatly. I loved how blocking transformed them into neat, crisp circles and I eagerly set to sewing them together.

End of joy.

Sewing them together was not so much fun.

I very much wished I had thought to join them as I went along.

It would have been very much less daunting.

But they nagged me from their corner of my knitting bag. Every so often as I rummaged for a tape-measure or a needle they could be heard to murmur, I felt their sadness.

So eventually I steeled myself and set to joining the circles together and I am glad at last, my conscience clear. For the joining was not fun at all but as the blanket grew I felt that same sort of smug satisfaction that one gets from completing non-fun activities, the feeling I get when completing a Davina McCall workout.

This is the Bon-Bon blanket from the Lucinda Guy book, Crochet Designs for Girls and Boys The pattern is written for 4 ply yarn but I used a slightly heavier weight yarn and adjusted the number of circles accordingly. The book is full of rather lovely patterns incidentally, including the cutest little crochet coat.


A Country Girl said…
It is lovely - I do like you oclour choices.
Anonymous said…
How wonderful to see your bonbon blanket completed!
The first time I came across your blog I was taken in by pictures of work in progress.
I was playing with the thought of contributing to' - a project to cover the Skye Bridge in knitwear and your bonbon blanket inspired me to pick up a crochet hook, scramble together loads of leftovers and start on circles. I loved making the circles, playing around with all the different colour combinations, really pleasing to see the little piles grow.... When away from home I always had a couple of balls of wool with me, making good use of time spent waiting in queues etc. But when it came to joining them all together, trying out different compositions, that really was a challenge.... Needless to say, I missed the deadline for Stitches on the Bridge and the whole project ended at the bottom of the pile. Just recently, I bought a ball of wool in a car boot sale that turned out to be the missing colour! I have returned with renewed enthusiasm and it is all coming together now. I promise to send you a picture when completed.
I love your blog & keep up the hard work!
MrsP said…
Oh its lovely- such pretty colours- I'm quite tempted to learn to crochet but the sewing machine is defeating me at the moment and as the lovely vintage granny blanket that I had for camping trips has been unceremoniously consigned to the cat basket by MrP I'm not sure my efforts would be appreciated... and he would only moan that I havent yet finished my earth stripe wrap knitting project that I started last year. One day I will learn to crochet though and fill the house with lovely things like your bonbon blanket =O)
martha said…
Oh the colors really are lovely, like flowers in a field.
Charity said…
The blanket is lovely, it looks so cozy! It does feel good to wrap up a project that's been sitting there looking at you...

I've got a ball of yarn and a hook to try my first crochet project in years! I thought I'd start simple, and just try a market bag... wish me luck!
kristina said…
So lovely. I adore the colors. And I go through the same sewing up struggle with my knitting projects!

K x
Ali said…
I'm sharing the fuzzy head sensation - early to bed for me tonight! Your blanket just makes me yearn for a soft spot to lie down...
Dragonfly said…
It's lovely. This pattern is on my to-do list. Sadly though, it keeps getting overtaken.
I have a Babette that needs sewing up...
t does wool said…
wonderful crochet...happy weekend~
Anonymous said…
I'm so impressed that you finished it! It looks lovely.
Carolyn said…
I can well imagine that joining all those circles was not much fun, but the effort was definitely worth it. It is lovely, and I really do like the colours you chose for it.
Kai said…
I love this little blanket. :) I'm crochet'ing a hexagon afghan and it's a project I keep returning to every now and again. I think it will take a while to complete, but luckily, I'm joining as I go along. Lesson learnt from previous blankets!!
wow wow wow wow WOW. and the colors. WOW.
one day. one day i will take the time to learn to crochet!
Bethany Hissong said…
I love this blanket! And it reminds me of my "Bright Star" sweater which is taking me way too long to do! I'm thinking I may have to start joining them now since you suggested it. But I have a billion more to crochet so the end is not so near.
kim said…
Is that the same satisfaction one gets from cleaning the toilets or walking the dog? No? I thought not. This is so much better. So much more to show for your toil. Great job! Did I tell you I've found new respect for the crochet? I truly have!
Jane said…
It's beautiful! And now you have a new blanket to crawl under when the politics of the world are too much to handle.
Krawuggl said…
This is a most beautiful blanket, love especially the colours you have choosen, they cling together so nicely and vibrant. If I would have been in the yarn shop and would have seen this colours I would never have bought them because of my lack of imagination and my lack of being able to see how wonderfully they are mixed together. It´s a real beauty and surely worth every boring and time consuming sewing and darning.
Anonymous said…
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