When desire wins out

I was knitting something else. Another Whisper , in red it would be a useful addition to my wardrobe. I knit with very practical applications. But Whisper is a cardigan for Spring and Summer and as the light changed day by day it simply did not feel quite right. I felt unable to commit. Something else was calling.

Softest Vail, by Classic Elite.

Bought in Loop a few weeks ago. I walked in with a list of several possible project requirements, each pattern carefully researched and the considered. The yarn choices properly weighed, their pros and cons long thought about.

Needless to say my list was abandoned.

And faced with "Knitters Wall" I panicked.

I was overwhelmed with desire.

I impulse shopped. This was the softest yarn, the most gentle of shades. The one I could not stop thinking about as I walked around the shop.

And of course it had to be lace. Another shawl upon the needles, a lightweight version of Brooklyn Tweed's beautiful Terra. It feels like coming home after a long journey. Soothing and comforting. The perfect knitting to make the end of summer feel easier, the right sort of knit to accompany me upon the sofa as the season changes, as Autumn beds in.


Arianwen said…
lovely,lovely yarn. Look forward to seeing your shawl.
Oh my goodness, what luscious yarn! The pattern looks wonderful too. I am knitting a Ysolda shawl at the moment, I must get that finished so I can start on another :) Impulse yarn purchases really are the best. Laura x
Lynne said…
I empathise! My daughter works in Loop, and every time I visit London I have exactly the same experience......I have plans, and more plans. I even have my patterns all loaded to my Kindle, and yarn equivalents and everything. But then you see all that beautiful yarn and the plans just evaporate out of your brain !!!!
I too bought Vail - and it looks like that colour too. You are a woman of taste!!!

All the best - love the blog and really look forward to your posts. Have been reading since Wales !!

Anonymous said…
The yarn looks fabulous - I look foeard to seeing your shawl!
Frances said…
Yes, I also agree that you've chosen a lovely pattern.

Brooklyn Tweed has so many wonderful designs!

I work just a short walk from another wonderful knitters' source, Purl SOHO.

As a New Yorker, it's grand to see that our creative forces and sources are well-received in other parts of the world.

Annie said…
Two words came into my head when I saw that yarn ... divine and perfect! Happy knitting :D
Amy J said…
That yarn is haunting me ;) I saw it at my LYS over the weekend, but stuck to the projects at hand. It was lovely to feel...I'll be anxious to see your FO and also to hear your opinion of the yarn...in the skein it felt slightly sinful.

txtaurus on ravelry
nicole said…
That yarn looks divine. No wonder you couldn't resist! Can't wait to see the shawl progress.
a simple yarn said…
How often have I been well into a knit project that is only satisfying, to then have a burst of desire draw me in another direction altogether. That is the wonderfully elusive thing about inspiration. Can't wait to see the result.

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