Summer food

This week has been entirely gorgeous, the sun has shone every day, the breeze blew warm and kind.

We have celebrated each of these heavenly days with food that tastes of summer.

We had chicken roasted with lemons and thyme, the oily juices dressing our salad leaves and the crisp sugar snap peas.

We ate warm gammon with new potatoes bathed in butter, mint and chives and wobbly mayonaise.

We had thick herby yoghurt with harissa spiced rice.

And of course this is Friday and Friday is wine night.  Tonight there will be cold, peachy wine and charcoal scented burgers.

I love summer food almost as much as I love summer sunshine.  Happy Friday to you all.



Kai said…
Good food, good weather, you can't beat it. We are bbqing tonight. Happy Friday to you too!
gosh! 2 lovely blogs in as many lovely days!!
alice c said…
Oh! We had chicken with lemon and thyme too! And poached salmon with jersey royal potatoes. And we sat outside until we were chill and didn't mind a bit. Summer!
Frances said…
I so agree with you about how delicious summertime food is. It's such a pleasure to be able to taste truly fresh fruits and veg.

I'm off to the farmers market later today to see what they've brought from the country to the city. Not too many more weeks before real ripe tomatoes make their appearance!

Anonymous said…
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