Right now

I am up to my eyes in linen rabbit limbs, key fobs and and bookmarks. I feel quite panic stricken, so much work still ahead.

I need to centre.



So I left the chaos of my studio, snapped shut my To Do List and did some baking. Calm was restored for a short while, baking may well be Yoga for my mind.

I made biscotti. The same way I always make them.

Chocolate & almond, a hint of orange zest. And when I dunk them in my morning coffee I will think of Not So Granny who made me laugh out loud with her comment on the To Dunk post - "This is going to make me sound frightfully middle class but I only dunk biscotti in latte".


blue hands said…
How interesting that you find baking so calming. I really enjoy baking, but the mess I make and the chaos in the kitchen afterwards are far from soothing!
Baking calms me too. Your biscotti look lovely.
pebbledash said…
Scrumptious! I find baking very calming too. Please share your go-to biscotti recipe!
Bee said…
Apparently, what unites your followers is baking as a zen practice. (It might be the eating of the baked goods, though; we could be drawing the wrong conclusion here.) I had an almost desperate desire to make fruitcake yesterday. I was stopped only by my lack of the necessary ingredients. Biscotti sounds awfully good, too, though.
not so granny said…
Ha Ha! As I was reading the post I wondered if I'd subconsciously reminded you of the loveliness of biscotti, didn't think I'd be the inspiration.
Enjoy your posh dunking!
driftwood said…
baking yoga. truly brilliant.
I've never made biscotti. I really want to know I've seen yours xxx
Toffeeapple said…
Aren't they the ones that break your teeth? I have to avoid those, even if dunked.
I thought they should be dunked in espresso ?
Whatever ... they look wonderful and must have made your kitchen smell heavenly .
Patternista said…
Hi Rebecca, its Rebecca! (Becky). I love your photography and blog. I might have to try some baking too... I get so frazzled that I cannot think... I'm on waiting list for Woodbridge, so here's hoping. See you soon.. maybe at Snape? x

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